Countries In Africa

South Africa
Burkina faso
Cape verde
central african republic
ivory coast
sierra leone

Cities In Africa

abujafr £514
kanofr £598
lagosfr £488
port harcourtfr £531
accrafr £389
kumasifr £800
kisumufr £619
mombasafr £617
nairobifr £488
bulawayofr £917
hararefr £454
victoria fallsfr £988
cape townfr £548
durbanfr £869
johannesburgfr £522
port elizabethfr £652
alexandriafr £410
aswanfr £399
cairofr £290
luxorfr £399
sharm el sheikhfr £428
algiresfr £298
luandafr £595
cotonoufr £538
gaboronefr £723
bujumburafr £650
doualafr £399
boa vistafr £676
banguifr £716
ndjamenafr £658
brazzavillefr £529
kinshasafr £447
addis ababafr £492
banjulfr £486
conakryfr £779
abidjanfr £499
maserufr £588
monroviafr £547
benghazifr £418
tripolifr £346
antananarivofr £769
blantyreifr £1011
lilongwefr £598
bamakofr £530
nouakchottfr £627
agadirfr £169
casablancafr £196
rabatfr £269
beirafr £906
maputofr £789
walvis bayfr £829
windhoekfr £704
dakarfr £501
hargeisafr £545
mogadishufr £796
khartoumfr £628
bukobafr £979
dar es salaamfr £386
kilimanjarofr £610
zanzibarfr £519
lomefr £621
monastirfr £889
tunisfr £301
entebbefr £410
livingstonefr £799
lusakafr £633
free townfr £545

Cheap Flights to Africa

If you are looking for a low-cost flight ticket to African countries, then you don't need to get worried or run after best travel agents for African sector. Just follow the tips below and surely, you'll get the cheap flights to Africa.

Consider the Best Time to Visit Africa

If you really want to save money and get a low-cost flight ticket to African countries, then you must try to schedule your visit during the off-season. Try to avoid your visit to African countries during charismas holidays, peak summer season or the time when the schools are off because these are considered to be the peak season for visiting Africa and during these seasons, flight ticket prices are really touching the sky.

Also, keep in mind that the best time to visit any African country doesn't totally dependent upon the month or the dates, it also depends upon the day of the week as well. It is a fact that the flights which depart on Thursday and return on Monday are 20 percent cheaper than the ones which depart on Friday and return on Saturday. If you managed to plan your visit during the off-season on the appropriate day of the week, you can easily get the cheap flights to Africa.

Making a Reservation Earlier for Africa Flights to Get Lowest Airfares

Try to make your flight ticket reservation in advance in order to get the low-cost flight ticket to African countries. Flights to several routes in Africa are limited and because of this fact, cheap flights get filled really fast. Therefore, always try not to miss these cheap offers; try to make a reservation as early as possible.

Compare Various Options Available Online Airfares for Flights to Africa

A lot of websites are available providing terrific search facilities for finding and comparing various flights and their prices. Therefore, in addition to consulting the best travel agents for the African sector always check a few well-reputed flight comparison websites so that you don't miss anything really fantastic. Such websites usually provide online flight reservation facility as well. This enables you to reserve cheap flights to Africa without paying anything to travel agent. These websites also offer advanced options such as setting up a price alert which enables you to track if the prices are getting down or not. Similarly, these sites allow you to check the flight prices on various dates so that you can easily choose the most economical option available.

Try Connecting Flights

If you want the cheapest option to fly to the country of your choice, never forget to see the various interconnecting flight options available. Because, if you explore several interconnecting options, you'll find a low-cost flight ticket to African countries as compared to the direct flights.

Get a Complete Picture

Sometimes, people rush to make a reservation because they find something really cheaper and they don't want to miss that option. But actually, they are not getting the cheapest offer because a few such options require you to pay for very little things you do during traveling such as checking a bag, having a meal during the flight or use your credit card. Always check all the details even the minor ones before actually going for making a reservation.